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The Smuggler, the Spy and the Spider

Ishlairís Councilor, Donyaís birthmother, her bondsisters and almost every Hadra in Ishlair agree: Donya needs to forget about her Shokarn lover and stay home.

It wasnít her idea to first go abroad as a Hadra spy, but now her heart belongs to Suinyari. To be with her lover means lies, deceit, even ignoring her own name-all anathema to a Hadra. But she cannot help but go back...

A thief called Spider, an audacious smuggler as well as family and lovers join their voices in the story of the Hadra who fell in love with the enemy and balanced her people and her heart on the razorís edge of fate.

"The city and the countryside of The Smuggler, The Spy and The Spider are richly drawn. The characters quickly get under the readerís skin. The pace of the story keeps the reader turning page after page until the final heart-stopping events are over and the cadence slows to allow the reader to realize how each of the characters has found fulfillment." - Anna Furtado at LambdaLiterary.org


Now in print from Bella Books

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