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The Red Line of Yarmald

In this climactic sequel to Clouds of War, the Zarnís armies are now arrayed before Zelindar, the coastal city that is the heart of the Hadra world. Working together, Noya, Amairi and Jolaina struggle to maintain an unlikely alliance between the Hadra, the Koormir, the Wanderers, and the Thieveís Guild in order to defend the Yarmald Peninsula with a magic line of power that cannot be crossed by an enemyís force.

"This book offers much more than an engrossing reading experience. It also speaks out against the social prejudices that affect both Rivers' characters and modern society. Rivers uses both rich symbolism and straightforward writing to attack feminist and lesbian issues... She also tackles the subjects of race and caste effectively throughout the story. Although this book takes place in a historical fantasy setting, it effectively addresses these very real and timeless problems. But Rivers goes beyond the oppression that outsiders inflict on these minorities and also discusses the internal problems of lesbian society - legitimacy of relationships, monogamy and emotional stresses that accompany lesbianism." Melissa Brown in Lambda Book Report


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