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Her Sister's Keeper

Nhazul, a restless young Hadra from Ossen, and niece to Hadra Councilor Ooyant, travels to the forbidden Shokarn city of Nhor. Breaking her vow not to intervene with the citizens there, Nhazul saves the life of young Kitra and becomes embroiled in a daring and dangerous raid on the Gray Place, a huge cave under the city where Weavers are imprisoned form life.

When the Hadra are blamed for the raid, the

Zarn demands that those involved be punished. In a desperate attempt to prevent a raid by the Zarn's army seeking retribution, Nhazul is forced to stand trail for her actions.

But who will really be put on trial? And who is guilty of crimes against humanity? Nhazul? Councilor Ooyant? The citizens of Nhor? Or the Hadra themselves?

Her Sister's Keeper is the long-awaited sixth installment in the acclaimed Hadra Series.


Now in print from Bella Books

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