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Journey to Zelindar

In this book, Sair, the pampered daughter of an upper-caste Shokarn family in Eezore, is raped, abandoned and left for dead. She walks to the ocean to kill herself but is rescued by the Hadra, wild riding-women with strange powers, women who ride their horses by consent, speak mind-to-mind with each other, and are all lovers of women. They accept her into their culture and take her to live in the settlement of Semasi. Journey is Sair’s own tale of her life and adventures among the Hadra, a journey that will finally take her to the fabled city of Zelindar.

"...this book deserves its place as great lesbian/feminist fantasy along with Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Shattered Chain and other books about the Free Amazons of Darkover. Highly recommended for public library collections." - Gayle Keresey, in Women Library Workers Journal

"An exciting tale... You’ll ride bareback across the Red Line into a Goddess land of mindspeak and sensual ecstasies and unforgettable women who have no world for celibacy." - Noretta Koertge in A Different Light review

"This a a great book. Ms. Rivers’ fantasy land of women shows great imagination (I certainly wouldn’t mind living there) and great attention to detail. I would certainly recommend it to lovers of fantasy. If you’ve never read fantasy, this is a great place to start." - Cleve Boutell in Dimensions


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