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The Hadra

The star brats, the despised fugitives in Daughters of the Great Star, have made good their escape from Garmishair and from the deadly violence of the Zarnsí guards. In this book, they leave the shelter of their winter caves and travel down the coast of Yarmald through many dangers and adventures. With help from some very unexpected sources they find the place where they can build the settlement that will later become the city of Zelindar. In the process, they truly become the Hadra, a new kind of woman and an even greater threat to the Zarns who rule Garmishair.

"Rivers' writing is full of spunk and passion. A gifted storyteller with vivid descriptive skills and a flair for dialogue, Rivers creates an entirely new world.... The reader establishes a relationship with the protagonists, travels with them on their journeys, observes their changes and growth, and so comes to care for them (as one should with well-written fiction)." Julie Mitchell in The Lesbian Review of Books

"These stories are...extraordinary. They blend magic with history and adventure. They intertwine humor and purpose, like Tales of the Arabian Nights or Gulliver's Travels. The reader moves easily from adventure to adventure without realizing that the pace has been deftly sewn by a very competent hand.... It does, frankly, richly create another world and another time. . . I was captivated, and I usually hate this type of stuff. I find Diana Rivers a modem-day Shaharazad, of whom I would ask at least one more book." from Good Times!, Columbus. Ohio's gay and lesbian newspaper.


Now in print from Bella Books

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