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Daughters of the Great Star

The daughters the young women born during the passing of the Great Star possessed strange powers, which often they themselves did not understand. As they came of age, they found themselves estranged from their villages and even from their families. But as they were driven out of their childhood homes, they found one another, gathered together and formed an alliance with the Witches to begin creating a community where they could belong. In this panoramic and exciting prequel to Journey to Zelindar, Diana Rivers portrays a world of strong and sensual women, ready to defend themselves against a hostile world without surrendering their ability to love each other.

"An emotionally charged, romantic, adventurous fantasy, which just might leave readers believing in this tribe of women warriors." Washington Blade

"...conveys a strong, pro-lesbian message through lucid storytelling and the portrayal of characters who possess equal amounts of weakness and strength. Although this gracefully written fantasy will appeal most strongly to its target audience, its overall high quality should attract a broader readership. Most libraries should consider for their fantasy collections." from Library Journal

"Rivers' writing is full of spunk and passion. A gifted storyteller with vivid descriptive skills and a flair for dialogue, Rivers creates an entirely new world.... The reader establishes a relationship with the protagonists, travels with them on their joumeys, observes their changes and growth, and so comes to care for them." Julie Mitchell in The Lesbian Review of Books


Now in print from Bella Books

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