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Clouds of War

In this tale, set after the Hadra but before Journey, the Hadra have found refuge in Zelindar, the city they built by the sea. But what is to stop the Zarns from invading the Yarmald Peninsula to rout these women from their new home? This book is the story of three women whose lives intertwine to transform their world Noya, the young woman chosen to be Councilor for Zelindar in a time of war; Amairi, the Shokarn highborn who escapes her husbandís violence to become a Wanderer; and Jolaina, the Kourmairi peasant girl who becomes the Zarnaís lover and advisor, then chooses the life of a warrior when her lover is betrayed and overthrown. Together they challenge the united forces of the Zarns, determined to stop them at any cost.

"In Clouds Of War, Diana Rivers leads the reader on an adventure of epic proportions. Brimming with love, boiling with hatred and overflowing with lust, this is a book your bookmark won't find a home in. The fast-paced plot and intriguing characters keep you turning pages from the first sentence to the very last word. The fourth book in Rivers' Hadra series, Clouds of War is the mutinous tale Aranella, an overthrown Zarna (Rivers' equivalent of a governor) and the quest of Jolaina, her lover and advisor, to return her to power. Add a kidnapping, a pending war and the mystical powers of the Hadra to the plot and the result is a great book for any fantasy lover." Melissa Brown in Lambda Book Report


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